The Bling Ring

Inspired by true events the new film by Sofia Coppola is a look at celebrity culture. When a group of teenagers obsessed with fame starts desiring Gucci handbags and expensive jewry, partially of one Paris Hilton, one of them gets the idea of googling  the stars home address and walking in when she’s out and using it as one big free shopping mall. Once they get away with it without any hassle they return multiple times while stopping off at the homes of Linsey Lohan and other reality TV stars.

The the films takes an objective view at these characters letting the audience decide for themselves how they feel about these characters while they idolise possessions over anything else. Copula does a good job in finding the kids relatable pointing the blame in numerous directions, whether it’s the media, idle parenting or the celebrities themselves but you can’t help but feel anger as your surrounded by such shallowness. Emma Watson is be the face you recognise the most apart from Lessie Mann as her clueless mother, but the rest of the cast do a great job of bringing these horrific characters to life in a naturalistic way.

What you take from The Bling Ring is what you get out of it. Its doesn’t condemn the actions of its characters or does it glorify them. The glitz of of the Hollywood hills shine through the screen, matching the faux glamour of said reality stars. The Bling Ring has many targets and they are all too real..