The Last Stand

Siderno Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, stepping away from his governor duties and straight back into action cinema (if you exclude the Expendables movies). Arnold plays the role of the an ageing sheriff of a small town on the border of Mexico. When a mexican drug lord is sprung out of prison and is heads for Mexico, while Forest Whitaker’s FBI agent fumbles about to stop him, it’s down to Arnold and his band of misfit deputies to kill the bad guys and re-capture the gangster.

Arnold has always been a ridiculous figure in cinema and he is at his best when he is self-aware. The Last Stand is just that, fast, loose, loud, dumb, preposterous and a ton of fun. The former governor at the ripe old age of 65, is now a shadow of his former self and it is all the more evident here, but not that Arnold has ever been convincing as anything other than a cyborg. Schwarzenegger knows this as he acknowledges his age and goes for the laughs and the fun factor over the thrills.

It is a good thing then as south korean director Kim Ji-woon gives The Last Stand a light comic-book touch that plays to the insanity on-screen. This is a film where the speed racer bad guy Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega), escapes the FBI all the way from Las Vegas in a Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1. It is a film where the towns local crazy person (Johnny Knoxville) has his own armoury in his shed. This is a film where Arnie literally cuts bad guys in half with a Vickers machine gun and where old grannies fires shotguns. If you go in taking this seriously you won’t enjoy yourself, however sit back, relax and let the nostalgia of the king of american action cinema back on the big screen..