The Sweeney

Grand Forks There is not a lot to be said about The Sweeney, directed by Nick Love, it is an honest attempt at a british action movie that rarely gets made these days. Based on the 70’s television series of the same name. Starring Ray Winstone and Ben Drew as two renegade cops Jack Regan and George Carter, who play by their own rules to get results. This version attempts to bring a different spin on the original. Set in modern day, where police offers would find it difficult to be ruff and ready the criminals, our hero’s manage to do it somehow. This still attracts some attention from internal affairs, just for some grounds of reality witch there is not much of here.

It would be a mistake to take The Sweeney seriously, as the plot is so by the numbers, that the audience is already way ahead before Ray and Ben evan get going. Still there is fun to be had, amongst the car chases and huge Heat style shoot outs, in a surprisingly bare Trafalgar Square. Winston fits the role like a glove by being…. Well… Ray Winstone and just has fun with. As does Drew who produces chemistry with his on screen partner. Damian Lewis is solid as the police chief as well as Hayley Atwell, who is convincing as a though officer of the law. What may take some persuasion is her marriage  to head of internal affairs Ivan Lewis (Steven Mackintosh). Their marriage is so tagged on it’s no wonder she’s have an affair with Regan. Then again, it was probably in Ray’s contract.

This is a marmite film. Anyone looking for just a bit of friday night fun and not bothered about substance, will enjoy the hell out of this film. Everyone else wanting more than cheap thrills, better look else where. Love has done a great job with the £14 million budget, London looks great and the action scenes are exciting, it’s just a shame that more could have been done with a better script.