Total Recall


Colin Farrell stars in the new remake of the 80’s Schwarzenegger classic, with out the insane comic book violence. What we have instead, is a more character driven sci-fi fair, witch is different but not as much fun. The story is petty much the same but instead of a mission to Mars, we get a mission from one side of the planet (Great Britain) to the other (China) involving a lift that goes straight down through the Earth’s core. Our hero, Dennis Quaid dreams of being a spy fighting side by side with a mystery woman (Jessica Biel). Unable to shake off his desire to live his fantasy, he visits Recall to implant a memory. Of course things go drastically wrong when they turn out to be real memories and bad guys turn up shooting until just Quaid remains. Things go bad to worse when doting wife (Kate Beckinsale) changes to assassin with a British accent and proceeds to hunt him down. Beckinsale has fun playing the antagonist, swishing her hair as she shoots at Farrell and Biel. Her stoney demeanor works well as the wife from hell.


Ferrell does a good job, playing the role with a confused vulnerable, distancing himself from the Austrian oak performance. It’s a shame that the set peaces and story isn’t entirely memorable. The action sequences are done pulled of perfectly fine but are not supported by a strong enough story that does not engage you enough to care. Bryan Cranston play’s the main villain Cohaagen and simply isn’t given enough to, where as Bill Nighy turns up for one scene and then leaves with you trying to remember if he said anything what so ever. Things aren’t helped by the consistent references to the original, witch makes you recall the fun you had that time round.