V for Vendetta : Inglorious Bastnerds Podcast

Harar The new spoiler filled podcast is now out with the regular gang Rag Ian Allan and Scott. We talk about the V for Vendetta as well some pre-recorded thoughts by Mike from the Film Fooerly podcast, and not all of us liked it for a change. We also talk more spoilers about Star Trek into Darkness so you have been warned. I also talk how I enjoyed  The Great Gatsby, Allan enjoys The Brass Tea Pot, Rag hates Parker and Ian liked a Charlie Sheen film. Also some idle chitchat on future films to cover, classic films we’ve not seen and some just plane idle chitchat. Plus I have now seen a small little known film called Apocalypse Now. Also who’s phone is ringing?

http://peterabbott.co.uk/our-product/setscrewssets/01373451513 Let us know of any future films that you’d like us to cover. Enjoy.

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