Warm Bodies


buy a heart lyrics What exactly is a zombie? That is what I find myself asking when watching Warm Bodies. While I am pretty sure of what I consider zombies being taught by the movies of George A Romero, a reanimated corpse that has only the basic function to feed on human flesh, but what if a zombie could change? What if a zombie still had a heart that could develop feelings and could even fall in love? Well it couldn’t, zombies are dead, however you must suspend that reason of logic if you are going to watch what is essentially the zombie version of Romeo and Juliette.

http://inkimages.net/product-category/adult/?product_order=asc Staring Nicolas Hoult as zombie R who despite being dead and no memory of his former self, can still a think and deduce a lot about his environment. When searching for human brains to munch on, he finds the daughter of John Malkovich’s leader of the human race, Julie (Teresa Palmer). Falling in love with her instantly, he saves her from being eaten alive and starts to change slowly into something that is more human. Based on the novel of the same name, it’s an original idea that once you go with it, is quite entertaining and charming. Director Jonathan Levine does the great job of not taking things too seriously and no apologising for its concept. Hard-core fans of the zombie genre might scoff at the notion of a lovey dovey romance between a girl and a corpse, but I can’t help be think that R is just anther step forward from Day of the Dead’s very own Bub..