The Dark Knight Rises : Review


Revelganj Well, here it is, could this be the perfect end to what maybe the greatest trilogy about a comic book character? Ever since Christopher Nolan wiped the slate clean with Batman Begins and followed it up with one of the run away box office success, The Dark Knight. The anticipation for the next and final instalment has been so immense, that it would be impossible to live up to. So has Nolan done it, or has he dropped the ball like Rami did with Spider-Man 3. Don’t fret bat fans, this is the perfect end to the franchise. Nolan has always had strong themes in his films, where Begins dealt with fear and The Dark Knight looked at the parallels of both light and dark side, Rises is about secrets that come back to haunt you. Set eight years since the previous instalment, Gotham has had no need for Batman under the legacy Harvey Dent and is on the verge of becoming crime free. However something dark coming, something from Bruce Wayne’s past and he must once again don the cape and rise again as Gotham’s saviour. This darkness is in the form of Bane played by Tom Hardy, who is as calculating as he is menacing and has a connection to Batman’s past. Christian Bale is more evident here with Bruce Wayne taking centre stage, though it is Wayne who his central, not Batman. Within the 165 minute running time, Batman isn’t in it as much as the previous instalments, but this series is was all about Wayne and his journey as the caped crusader. Nolan has always made this series as an ensemble with is cast. Delighting fans by giving secondarily characters with more momentous roles, played by such credible actors such as Michael Cain, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman. Adding depth and a grander universe for Batman to live in. New additions to the cast include Marion Cotillard as a potential business partner Miranda Tate, who maybe Bruce’s last chance at saving Wayne Enterprises. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a Gotham City cop, who could be described as the heart and sole of the film, but the less said about the better to avoid spoilers, lets just say he’s great and move on. Last and by no means least, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle. Never once referred to as Catwoman, witch is good because that would be stupid, she is portrayed a cat burglar  and Hathaway nearly steals the film. (sorry) Her Selina Kyle is perrrrrrfect… okay i’ll stop. She is slick, resourceful, sexy and very entertaining. Her performance adds the only light touches that exists here as the rest of Rises is very dark and dramatic affair indeed. 

The Dark Knight Rises is a slow burner that feels like an epic and aims for a grand climax with emotional ending. Yes, those of you who thought that you never cry at a Batman film, get ready as this clearly pulls at the heart strings. Nolan takes his time so the audience invests with the characters, that we evan start to feel the villain.

However there are a few flaws with Rises that are minor and that test the reality based world Nolan has created. Such as does Bane’s plan make that much sense, why doesn’t any of the police force have facial hair and the speed of Bruce’s return trip home. Some characters feel like extended cameos and feel like a wast of their talent and screen time. Juno Temple and Matthew Modine for instance. Nevertheless, this is a fine ending to the trilogy with a knock out ending that leave audiences satisfied. Nolan has given us high profile blockbusters that are laced with ideas at the heart of them, where other blockbusters just have explosions. It may not matter that you didn’t catch everything that Bane says first time round, you know you’re going back to watch it again.