Month: March 2014

The Action Junkies : Fire It Up Songs

Bāli The new episode of the Action Junkies is a impromptu episode where myself @CinemaTronix talk to my co-host @CelluloidAK about her peace she wrote last year on her favorite songs used in action movies. You can find the whole list here Apologies if the audio is a little poor due to Skype issues (damn you Skype)…

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Bastnerds Ramble again

Back from our rambling adventures in hotel rooms in Liverpool, the Bastnerds are back with another episode  and as well as Chris @CinemaTronix and Scott @Celluloidical is Amon Warmann @awarmann A blogger who writes for @CineVue and @heyuguys and can be found on YouTube here In it we ramble on about Captain America Winter Soldier as well as Need for Speed and Project Alf amongst…

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Bastnerds goes Raw

Thanks for checking out another adistion of the Inglorous Bastnerds Podcast, This week we had a bit of a meet up in the Liverpool where we got together and watched the new film by my favorite director Wes Anderson. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a comical romp with an all star cast and Chris @CinemaTronix  Ian @i_nesbot  and…

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Raghav Teaches Chris : Udaan

I this episode Raghav @raghavmodi takes the reins as host to talk to Chris @CinemaTronix  about watching the 2010 Indian film Undaan. With Scott @Celluloidical as his sidekick, Raghav asks Chris questions about his thoughts. Do check out Udaan, it’s currently on netflix US and is worth a watch. We also get back to having our usual chat about…

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Bastnerds Go Dark

Hello is another edition of the Inglorious Bastnerds and in this very laid back episode we go to places we’d never thought we’d go.  It’s a very casual chat and not even about film half the time. Join Chris, Ian and Scott as talk nonsense that is sort of film based for 2 hours. Everything…

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Oldboy (2013)

This remake was in the works for quite a while since Pan Chan-wook’s dark twisted cinematic masterpiece Oldboy, various names for directors such as Justin Lin and at one point a remake starring Will Smith with Spielberg at the helm, drawing from the sources from the original Manga comic from which the Korean film’s based…

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