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A podcast review show starring Chris (Cinematronix) Byrne as he’s joined by guests to chat and spoil new film releases.

Intersteller Spoilers Podcast : The Bastnerds

SPOILERS*** THIS PODCAST CONTAINS SPOILERS The new Christopher Nolan film Interstellar was realised last week and I (@CinemaTronix) got together with Amon Warmann @awarmann podcast new comer Jay Mystery @Mistryious and good old podcast friend Scott Allden @Celluloidical to have a big old chat about the new Sci Fi epic starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Nolan’s lucky charm Michael Caine.…

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Guardians of the Galaxy Spoiler Podcast

Hey it’s about a week late but here’s a spoiler podcast on Guardians of the Galaxy. Joining me @CinemaTronix is my regular partner in crime Scott @Celluloidical and regular spoiler contributors Amon  @awarmann and Chris (Mr Ejizu) @MovieUmpire  and we all gather to talk about Marvel’s latest instalment and what was potentially their biggest gamble turn out to be a smash hit. Directed by…

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Gravity : Spoiler Podcast

Welcome listeners to another Spoilercast where the film in question is the highly anticipated from Alfonso Cuarón Gravity. Joining Chris (@CinemaTronix)  is Fellow podcaster Ben Taylorson (@BenTaylorson) and Anne LaBarbera (@annelovesfilm) who is a independent film maker of short films from New York. In this as you might guess we have a chat about the film and…

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