Ep 120 The Incredible Hulk : Do You Expect Us To Talk?


buy clomid with paypal The incredible podcast Do You Expect Us To Talk? tries to remain calm in his episode as you won’t like us when we’re angry. The second movie in and we continue with the movie that is largely ignored. The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner on the run from General Ross looking for a cure for his curse that transforms him into an unstoppable monster. General Ross hires mentally unstable Time Roth to hunt him down so he can finally obtain the last ruminants of his experiment to create super soldiers.

buy stromectol australia Join Becca, Chris and Dave as we discuss the 80’s Hulk TV show and its sad Hulk theme, what happened with Ed Norton and Kevin Feige and who out of the two was a knob, crap CGI, where is the plot of this film, Tim Roth fight moves and how sexually charged is Bruce Banner?

You can listen here.

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