Ep 128 Captain America: The Winter Soldier : Do You Expect Us To Talk?

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Cañete Finally…… DO YOU EXPECT US TO TALK IS BACK…… sorry for the delay folks. what did we miss? Anyway, we’re picking up where we left off with Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This sees Steve Rodgers, now living in a modern world struggling to find what’s right and wrong, as Shield appears to be up to some crooked shit. Meanwhile, the mysterious assassin Winter Soldier seems to have a familiar resemblance.

where to buy stromectol online Join Becca, Chris and Dave as we discuss Chris’s hot take on Robert Redford, somehow making this episode one of the filthiest episode yet (guess we needed to get it out of our system), why do we think the world cup is important, Sam Jackson’s light-saber, wasted potentials, Jim Dale, and of course… how could you not talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier without talking about…. Carry On Columbus.

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