Ep 167 Terminator Dark Fate : Do You Expect Us To Talk?

Wanganui Do You Expect Us To Talk? reaches the end of The Terminator series with the return of Linda Hamilton in Dark Fate. Rebooting the series presenting a new future with Legion replaying Skynet as the AI to wage war on the human race. As a different future is set, so is a new saviour, Dani. Sent from the future to protect her from the Rev-9 is technically enhanced Grace, who runs into Sarah Conner who’s spent years hunting terminators.

order stromectol online Join Becca, Dave, Chris and Charlie as we discuss if this is the best sequel since T2, is that a compliment, why is Sarah Conner a dick, Dani looks younger in the future and the Rev-9 terminating flannel shirts.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return with A View to a Kill Commentary (Take 2).