Ep 184 Diamonds Are Forever Commentary: Do You Expect Us To Talk?

euphemistically Do you Expect Us To Talk takes a pitstop before we move on to the next series. This week we sit down and watch the last Connery Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever. Following one of the best films of the series, Sean Connery returns to the role in what we consider to be one of the worst entries. The movie sees Bond take on diamond smuggling that leads him to Las Vegas, a camp Blofeld, not Howard Hughes and a gay hitman duo.

http://coffeeandcodundee.co.uk/?gclid=893100933 Join Becca, Dave and Chris as we talk our way through the film discussing fruity shirts, Blofeld’s love of drag. sleeping in an ash tray, the moment Sean Connery looks bored, and who’s the worst Bond girl

You can listen here.

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