Ep 72 Rocky 5 : Do You Expect Us To Talk?


http://thewoodlandretreat.com/home/dsc_0238/ Ding Ding.. Round 5… This time Do You Expect Us To Talk “Go For It” with the fifth film that was to be the final instalment of the franchise until another two films were made to apologise for it existing. Coming straight off the plane after fighting Drago and a decline in health, Rocky announces his retirement despite the efforts of Not Don King. Faced with the risk to his health, Paulie fucks everything up and loses all their money bringing everyone back to where they started in the streets of Phillidelia. Rocky takes over Mick’s Gym and starts to train a new boxer, Tommy Gunn, while neglecting his son and the issues he’s going through and also neglecting Not Don King objectives.

Join Becca, Chris and Dave as we realise what a dick Rocky is, if the mullet was ever a good look, the way time works in this franchise, hip rap music, is this film really all that bad and of course that fucking earring.

P.S we also forget to mention the god awful Elton John song over the end credits.

You can listen here.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return in Rocky Balboa