Ep 79 Batman Forever : Do You Expect Us To Talk?

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http://michaelosullivan.com/Somnus/Somnus.asp Good evening Batfans… Do you expect us to talk returns to Batman and over the top hammy acting and performances made of cardboard. The first Batman film by Joel Schumacher that features Jim Carrey on drugs and Tommy Lee Jones in a completely different film. Val Kilmer is the new caped crusader who looks like he’d  rather be somewhere else, takes on Two-Face and The Riddler while giving a troubled newly orphaned acrobat a home as he comes to terms with his own identity.

verbally Join Becca, Chris and Dave as we discuss rubber nibbles, how Jim Carrey ruins the film, dated special FX, Two Face’s dining experience, Nicole Kidman’s hard on for Batman, and how useless Robin is.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return in Batman and Robin