Hope Springs


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Schopfheim Meryl Streep stars as Kay in this unusual relationship comedy as someone stuck in a marriage without physical affection. For years sleeping in separate beds, Kay tries to inject some passion into Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones), who is not in the least interested and prefers to spend the rest of his days watch the golf channel. Much to Arnold’s objections, Kay takes him to Maine to see a marriage counselor (Steve Carell) were they get to the root of there problems and rediscover themselves.

Jones earns the most laughs by doing what he does best witch is to act extremely grumpy while Streep portrays a shy and retiring character who is just as box off as her husband. The film is lead by it’s two leads in a film that is charming and left of the field. Carell plays it relatively calm and monotone  with a series of wool ties for every scene, just like his character should.

The humour is light in tone but verges the edge of your comfort as Kay and Arnold clumsily explore their sexual desires, it is endearing but also awkward to watch, mirroring the antics on screen. Then again, that may well be the point..