King of the Kickboxers : The Action Junkies


neglectingly Hey its another episode of the Action Junkies and in this episode Chris (@CinemaTronix) and Jade (@CelluloidAK) delive into streught to video hell and revil in the naffness of King of the Kickboxers.

Mirnyy Starring Loren Avedon as a rouge cop who goes undercover in Thailand to take down a snuff movie ring and to take vengeance on  Khan (Billy Blanks) the man who killed his brother years ago. This is the perfect example of a film that is so bad its good. The who film is on YouTube and is definitely worth your time.

Next time Jade and Chris will go head to head as we talk about Bullet to the Head. One likes it….. the other not so much. Can you you guess which ones which?

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