buy cytotec online canada Directed by Rain Johnson, Looper is an off beat time travel adventure that is a joy to watch. Teaming up with (the star of his first feature Brick) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays a killer working for the mob, who disposes people  sent from the future. When one of them turns out to be his future self (Bruce Willis), he lets himself get away. Looper is one of those films where it is better to go in, knowing as little as possible. One of the many joys  of the film, is not being completely uncertain as to where the film is going. That and Levitt under havey make up, doing a brilant Bruce Willis impression.

With great supporting cast with the likes of Jeff Daniels, Paul Dano and Emily Blunt, the films twists and turns into many different ways. Just when you know where you are with it, Looper turns into something else leaving with an excited feeling in your stomach that rarely comes in films these days. It is not a perfect film. The ramifications time travel leaves you scratching your head and by the end, do not make much sense. Evan so, it plays with ideas and has the re-watch factor written all over it..