Prometheus : Review

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The moment when Ridley Scott announced that he was returning to Sci-fi with a prequel to Alien, anticipations were high. Only to then escalate when late last year, the trailers started to sweep the internet. With the intent to explore more about the origin of the mysterious space jockey, could this be Ridley’s new science fiction masterpiece to sit along side Alien and Blade Runner? The answer, not quite. To compare Prometheus to Alien would be a mistake. Where Alien was a stark and eerie monster film, Prometheus is a different animal. Featuring a strong cast, a solid Idris Elba, a cold Charlize Theron and our scientist heroine with a belief in God played by Noomi Rapace spend there time having theological discussions on the creation of humankind. As apposed to Alien, and it’s working class, blue collar characters, sitting around talking about how much they’re getting paid.

As solid as the cast is, they all get over shadowed by Michael Fassbender, brilliant as always, he plays the ship’s android (a seres stable) David, who gives a performance that is creepy, disconnected and unworldly. David, although a secondary character, is an integral part of the story, being an organism created by humans, whilst they search for their own creators.

It’s stunning to look at thanks to the beautiful cinematography from Dariusz Wolski. From it’s grand spectacle accompanied by a stirring score by Marc Streitenfeld, it asks big questions such as “where did we come from,” and “why are we here?” Yet for the most part, that is what Prometheus does, ask the questions, rather than answer them. This element will divide frustrate or fascinate audiences, ether leaving them unsatisfied or hungry for a second helping. Prometheus leaves it to you to connect the dots for yourself. It’s not all talk, there is plenty of gore and death to keep the kids happy with a particular squeamish highlight reminiscent of the chest buster sequence from the original.

Prometheus is not perfect by any means, with plenty of disposable roles that serve little purpose, a few action beats feeling forced and some character traits that don’t make much sense. A geologist that gets lost using his own mapping system for instance and why doesn’t Rapace and Theron just run the side