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Ep 169 Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker : Do You Expect Us To Talk?

http://fortemglobal.com/gramont-house-buy-let-care-home-opportunity-circa-8 Do You Expect Us To Talk returns back to Star Wars. The final chapter of the new sequel trilogy has come with JJ back at the helm. Palpatine rises from the dead, hidden in the uncharted Sith planet Exegol with an entire fleet of new star destroyers, ready to take over the galaxy. Meanwhile, Rey…

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Ep 77 Batman : Do You Expect Us To Talk?

  Well hello bat fans, Do You Expect Us To Talk returns with the biggest film of 1989. Batman. Directed by Tim Burton, Batman see’s the origin of the Joker and his reign of terror on Gotham city. After he releases poisonous toxins into cleaning and beauty products, Batman must put a stop to him while coming to…

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