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Ep 109 Django Unchained : Do You Expect Us To Talk?

Târgovişte Do You Expect Us to Talk returns with the first of the Tarantino westerns, Django Unchained.  Mixing the themes of slavery with a western along with the Tarantino dialogue and violence, Jamie Foxx plays Django, a slave freed by a bounty hunter who takes him under his wing. Together they go on a mission to resue Hildi, Django’s wife…

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Django Unchained

I have mixed thoughts on Django Unchained. On on hand Quentin Tarantino’s take at a spaghetti western (although set in the south of America making a southern) Opening up to the theme from the 1966 Italian western Django by Roberto Fia, it nods at the source witch inspired it while tuckering the issue of slavery.…

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