Ep 189 The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Do You Expect Us To Talk?

Do You Expect Us To Talk continues its Spider-Man series with the final ill-fated Mark Webb movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2. As Peter Parker graduates from school, he is conflicted about maintaining his relationship with Gwen. Causing friction with their relationship, Gwen gets an offer from Oxford that may end this indefinitely. Meanwhile at Oscorp, Harry Osborn takes over the company after his father’s death. As the board members plan to oust him from the company, Harry is desprate to find a cure for his genetic disease . Meanwhile a loner Oscorp employee who is obsessed with Spider-Man has an accident fusing him with electricity.

Join Becca, Dave and Chris as we discuss brilliant graduation speeches, the ability to upload files in the air in the early 2000s, police providing a viewing area for civilians during inner city warfare, Sally Field still has nothing to do, best friends who are clearly evil, time limits on genetic diseases, an evil duo lasting for 5 seconds for no real reason and Electro holding himself captive due only to his feelings.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return with Venom

Action Junkies Podcast : Comic Books and Rants

Welcome back to  another episode of The Action Junkies Podcast, hosted by Chris () and Jade ( ) and here we chat about action films and our love for the genre.

This episode we take a look at two of the most recent comic book sequels in Captain America : The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. We also take a detour mid way through that discuss DC’s recent efforts  and in turn figure out the hype machine and what makes a good movie.

Listeners bewarned, Fans of The Dark Knight should take caution when listening to this podcast…… But we highly suggest that you do and…… why so serious?

Next week we take on The Best of the Best where Jade will swoon some more over Eric (Silver Fox) Roberts.

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Rag Teaches Chris : Being Cyrus

Raghav @raghavmodi is back to show Chris @CinemaTronix the joys og Indian cinema. This time round its the English spoken Indian film Being Cyrus. A film that is quite surprising in most ways.

While Raghav is here, we take the time to talk about the sad passing of Bob Hoskins and also discuss the three films we saw together in Birmingham, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Raid 2 and the latest Tom Hardy in a car film Locke.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Spoiler) and other stuff

Spoilers ahoy…. this episode we finally talk about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which has received very mixed opinions from everyone, even from my established guests.

They are my old faithful regular Scott @Celluloidical film journalist Amon Warmann @awarmann and future YouTube star Christopher Ejizu  @MovieUmpire

This podcast we discuss everything about this superhero sequel so if you haven’t seen it be warned because we will ruin it for you. We also talk spoilers for Transcendence which hasn’t received a warm reception from critics and Amon also gives his views on the$84,035,575 film that flopped in the states, Pompeii.

We also have more film banter about the new title change of the last Hobbit film and more Batman vs Superman.

Plaese check out the websites of the fine fellows who contributed to this podcast bellow

Amon’s Pompeii review http://amonymousblog.com/2014/05/02/film-review-pompeii/

Bookmark Mr Ejizu’s page for YouTube videos coming this month  http://www.movieumpire.com/

and last but my no means least, Scott’s blog http://celluloidical.com/

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