Top 5 Podcast with Brittany Rivera

So Top 5 is back, an extension of the Inglorious Bastnerds Podcast where Chris talks to different verity of friends from the land of the web.

This time his brain struggles to work as he’s only just waking up at a ridiculously early hour. A good job that his guest Britney Rivera is there to make sense of it all.

Brittany is a New Yorker living in California working as runner in TV production and live shows. She’s a fellow film fantic and we talk about her Top 5 favourite films.

Her choices include a Disney Classic, a Spielberg blockbuster, one of my favourites , the most popular film that i’ve come across doing this Top 5 podcasts and coincidentally…two of Hollywoods greatness and recent losses.

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The Top 5 Podcast : Daniela Philips



Top 5 is back after a month or so being away.

Top 5 is a simple concept where @CinemaTronix grabs people off the internet and ask them and talk about their top 5 favorite films.

This episode I am joined by the lovely Daniela Phillips () and her choices.

We go through doomed romances, childhood nostalgia, muppets and how the streets of venice is a scary place at night. We even give Mrs Brown’s Boy’s a mention.

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Lynn MacDonald : Top 5

Its been a good old while since someone has come on and talked about their Top 5 favorite films. Well fear not, here is Lynn MacDonald  @SilverscreenPR  , a freelance publicist from New Zealand with a passion for film.

Like all good lists, its a varied with classics new and old ranging from different genres like

Also including a film with a similar namesake to this podcast and a film as recent as this year.

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Cinematronix’s Top 5 with Anne Labarbera

It’s Top 5 time again and back from the Gravity podcast is Anne Labarbera, an indie film producer, editor and cinematographer whose credentials can be seen on her IMDB page. 

Joined by my podcast sidekick Scott Allden, Anne share her top 5 favourite films that spans from the 1930’s Frank Capra classic all the way to this years Academy Awards contender.  To tell you more would give away the podcast.

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Top 5 with Raghav Modi

A new Top 5 podcast brought to you by @CinemaTronix This episode I’m joined by podcast regular and a lovely chap Raghav Modi. Top 5 is the new set of podcasts where i grab friends of mine from the internet and get them to share their Top 5 favorite films. Rag gives a great selection of films ranging from 80’s and 90’s classics to modern blockbusters and old time classics. We talk a little about my hosting spot on #MTOS as well as Shia Labeouf’s new bag wearing antics. Please follow Raghav on twitter @raghavmodi and his blog Email us and why not leave us a lovely review on iTunes..


Top 5 Ian Nesbit : Inglorious Bastnerds

Welcome to another fine episode of CinemaTronix’s Top 5 and this time around I have Ian Nesbit, long time contributor is finally back to deliver us his personal top 5 favorite films.

Just some of the films include…

and my favorite

We also take the time to ramble a bit afterwards as we do.

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Cinematronix’s Top 5 Podcast : Kyla Jardine

Back with another episode of Top 5, a podcast where I bring on a guest to talk about their top 5 favorite films.  Back from the Remake/Reboots episode, I am rejoined by blogger and fellow film obsessive Kyla Jardine @KylaJN

We talk extended the list some what with an extra three films as there was a bit of a theme with vampires. Never the less we had a good old natter about many films including as follows.

and many more.

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Top 5 : Podcast with Jamie and Kat

Hello and welcome to a new series of podcasts where at the moment is called Top 5. In this series of episodes Myself is where I have a guest on to talk about their top 5 favorite films.

In this very first podcast I am joined not only by one but two guests. Both formally from the inaudible early days of the podcast. Both co-founded formally Generic Movie Blog it’s Kat Moir @kathrynmoir and Jamie Huggett @jamiehuggett

We go through plenty of action films as and are amazed that Kat hasn’t seen many. We talk about things like Oldboy, Terminator 2, The Raid, Meet Joe Black and Mrs Doubtfire.

Also do tweet your suggestions of action films for Kat to watch with the hashtag #MoirActionFilmsForMoir

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