The Raid: Review

Layyah Twitter account is worth ! What\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s yours worth What do you get when you cross Die Hard, Assault on Precinct 13, Hard Boiled and Enter the Dragon? The answer is the Indonesian action film The Raid. Written and directed by Welsh born Gareth Evans, the plot involves a SWAT team breaking into a block of flats filled with unsavory types, to take down the local drug kingpin. It’s not long before the excrement hits the fan, and our boys in blue are left fighting for there life’s.

This is the kind of movie that every action film wants to be. A non stop, pulse racing fight feast that leaves you breathless. Featuring Pencak Silat, a relatively new marshal art to film, scenes where men beat the living bejesus out of each other, never looked so elegant. It’s a testament to the choreographers Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian, who play hero (Rama) and crazy henchman (Mad Dog) respectively. These highly choreographed stunts are reminiscent of musical numbers, you know those ones with the guns, the machete’s and the head banging violence. The pace of The Raid is relentless but well placed. Giving you time to breath before the ballet of extreme fisticuffs. It’s refreshing to see these sequences done with long takes, rather than Hollywoods recent tricks of fast editing, as you can see the spectacle unfold in all it’s glory.

The score provided by Joseph Trapanese and Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, is affective also, it’s dark synths ringing out are reminiscent of a John Carpenter film. Just like the over the top violence, it is filled with gun shots to the head, throat getting slit and just about ever bone in the human body broken.

Any Good.

If you like action films, yes..

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  1. I actually hid behind my hands when he ran out of bullets at the start! Great start, I need to watch the rest tonight!

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